Inadequate Name …

I am awake, I am alive, and once again I am realizing how inadequate the term “motivational speaker” is when it comes to my work.

I mean, when you hear the term, do you think “speaker who helps women move past the devastation of domestic violence” or “speaker who helps nations over come the lateral violence that comes hand-in-hand with long term oppression”? Do you think “speaker who desperately tries to give youth at high risk of violence, death and/or suicide some hope for the future” or “speaker who encourages those harmed to give reconciliation a chance for their own sake”?

Chances are, you don’t. I wouldn’t. But that is exactly what I do and this week, I do it again. Today – reconciliation. Tomorrow – lateral violence. Each day, in some way I take on the demons that destroy Indigenous nations as do so many who are fighting the good fight. They are speakers and coaches, elders and teachers, parents and grandparents, counsellors and nurses and each day we do our best to heal the damage inflicted past and present.

Because to do nothing is to watch loved ones die. So this morning, like every morning, I am taking a second to say thank you to those fighting. Please don’t stop because … we can’t.


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