Today is …

I am awake, I am alive, and the journey continues … even as I acknowledge that my half-awake brain is unsure as to what day of the week it is.

And then my mind, so intent on decolonization asks, “Does it matter?”

Truth be told, my spirit believes it is Monday today (although the calendar begs to differ). I believe that is simply because today another journey begins – a 2-day seminar with a group that I absolutely love engaging with.

But the day begins with my students as it does every Wednesday. And it began with coffee and kitty kisses like it does every day, so again I find myself asking, “Does it matter?”

I think not. For in my mind, all that does matter is that I cherish this day, that I complete what I committed to doing within it, and that today’s words and actions not only honour the woman I am and the work I do but also move me towards the future I desire.

Today is today. In my mind, that is what is important to remember. So here’s to YOU having a most amazing TODAY my friend! Enjoy it! After all, it matters.

I love you!

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