Permission to Just “Be”


I am awake, I am alive, and after a very successful but insanely busy day yesterday, today I give myself full permission to live and love … at a much slower pace.

“Productive” will not be a descriptor for this day. “Peaceful” will be. “Restful” will be. “Enjoyable” will be. “Grateful” will be but not productive.

So on this day, with my beads calling my name, I give thanks for those I cherish and cherished, those that cherished me, those that taught me to do same.

I give thanks for those who taught me that we are priceless. That we are one-of-a-kind originals and that sometimes we need to stop and just accept who we are, why we are, and that we are.

For life truly is such a special gift.

Enjoy this day my friend, in whatever way you so choose. It is your journey, after all.


I love you!