Routines That Survived

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am focused on the routines that remain …

You see, during these times when SO MANY ROUTINES have been disrupted, I find myself savouring those that I still have. And today, after a week “away” bouncing from one virtual event to the next, I return to office routines that have accompanied me through my entire business journey.

Today, I tackle my To Do List (starting with writing this blog).

Today, I get caught up on emails.

Today, I clean off my desk, taking care of the tasks that have accumulated there.

And added bonus, tonight I once again get to teach. I get to “see” my students again and that alone is enough to make me want to celebrate!

Today my friend, do not get lost in what you cannot do and what you do not have. Instead, celebrate every little routine that has survived, every habit that has proven itself stronger than a global pandemic.

Just like you.

I love you my friend!

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