Hurt People …

I am awake, I am alive and once again, we need to have a conversation. This time, about some hurt people …

Before I say another thing, I get it. Getting hurt sucks! By a certain age and stage, we have all been stung. But once hurt, the onus to heal is on us and that is where the trouble begins.

Because in my humble opinion, one too many people are walking around still hurt. They are stuffing the pain done, pretending it isn’t there, hiding it behind a great body, great clothes, or a winning personality. But it comes out when they are turned down.

At this point, can we ALL agree that we are not attracted to everyone? I don’t care HOW gorgeous you are, male or female, someone is not going to be interested in you. Or maybe its sex or a relationship they are not into. Whatever it is, they have the right to say “No” and it DOES NOT MEAN THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.

But the hurt among us don’t get that. When interest is not returned, the pain resurfaces and they ATTACT! Suddenly, there has to be something wrong with YOU for not seeing how amazing THEY are. And in the insanity, they do not realize that their outburst reinforces our instinct that this particular individual is definitely not for us.

So, do us all a favour today my friend, heal. Heal from whatever and whoever hurt you because hurt people hurt others and that makes you part of the problem. Choose instead to be a healed, amazing human that is shining after the storm!

Today, let’s choose to shine.


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