For Those Who Come Next


I am awake, I am alive, and again I smile as I think of “those that come next”.

This time I am not speaking of the children but rather the next generation of speakers, the next inspirational orators, the next round of leaders and mentors. I think of them today because I seem to meet them so often these days.

They are there in the crowd.

They are there in the coffee shop.

They are there in my newsfeed.

They are there in messenger.

And they reach out from time to time, often tentatively like a child reaching for something they desire but unsure of the response they will receive from those who have it.

I welcome them. I love them. I encourage them for so many reasons with the largest and most obvious being that I had no such person to reach out to.

In my early days, I too sought a mentor, a guide who would understand. Instead I found that an entire industry that preys on speakers, hawking their wares – training here, a course there, over and over. (And as you probably know all to well my friend, when you get burnt time and time again, you stop reaching for fear it is yet another stove.)

But not so for them. This is my chance to change the pattern, to ensure they are met with open arms and encouragement; to ensure they find support and any guidance they desire in my words (but only as much as they desire. This is their journey after all).

This is my chance to ensure they take theirs and that is a joy I never imagined I would experience, yet one I know can’t imagine living without.

Which brings me to you, my friend.

What pattern can you break? What can you give to others that was denied you? What support and encouragement can you give? What healing can you be part of?

Because we don’t have to do unto others as was done to us. We can do better.

Let’s do better, today and always my friend. Let’s do better, for those who come next.



P.S. In the honour of those new speakers, here is a flashback video, back to when I was just beginning, to when I was tentatively reaching out. Enjoy! (Wow, I was SO YOUNG and also, it seems I didn’t yet know how to edit videos!) …

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