Eliminating Words …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am focusing on eliminating a couple of words from my vocabulary.

You see, like so many, this time of isolation and social distancing has brought to my attention the things within my control and even more, the things that I control that bring me joy or distress.

For example, getting in my steps every day brings me joy. Reading too much insanity and misinformation being spread by idiots on social media brings me distress and on and on.

But recently I discovered that two little words can take even a joyous event and turn it into something to dread.

The words – have to.

You are fortunate to have a job or you have to go to work. You are gifted with the blessing of children or you have to get up to feed them. And on and on the list goes.

I had an evening event to attend, one I was very much looking forward to taking part in but I shared with a friend that “I had an event I have to do”. I quickly caught myself. ‘No, I don’t have an event I HAVE TO do, I have an event I am lucky enough to get to do and I am wise enough to see the difference.”

So my friend, today see that there are few things you have to do. But many things you get to do to ensure your survival, your comfort, a full cupboard, and a future.

The day looks brighter already …

I love you! HUGSSSSSSS

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