I am awake, I am alive, and once again a new journey begins as today I get to spend the day with many of the amazing men and women dedicating their time and skills to the membership and community of Serpent River First Nation and I am excited!

Excited to discuss with them their challenges during this unprecedented time in history.

Excited to share how our own teachings give us the tools we need to not only survive but thrive during this time.

Excited to laugh and talk with 50+ men and women, all coming together for the sake of their lives, their families, their relationships and their community.

Excited to once again celebrate that we as Indigenous peoples are not victims, that we are not traumas survivors – we are SO MUCH MORE than that!

We are the most resilient people I have ever met.

Which begs the question – what are you excited about today? Don’t say nothing. FIND SOMETHING. FIND A REASON to enjoy your life because no one else will hand that to you. But it’s there, just waiting for you to notice – that quality time with your child or grandchild or that partner who loves you. Maybe it will be a great meal to enjoy or one you are preparing. Maybe it is the chance to just relax and breathe and give thanks for this life.

Whatever it is, get EXCITED ABOUT IT! This is your life. It deserves to be enjoyed.

I love you!

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