I Don’t Know …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I realize just how comfy I have grown with the statement “I don’t know”. But to understand the comfort, I first had to look at where the former discomfort came from.

My answer – the education system.

Nowhere else are we so obviously expected to KNOW THE ANSWERS. We are tested on it, examined, and graded on how well we regurgitate what others have thrown at us, what others have taught, what others have discovered. Yet no time is set aside for us to ponder what we have discovered about ourselves, our outlook, our communities and yes, even this country (I think for obvious reasons).

Is it any wonder that so many adults feel confused, uncertain of what they know and believe? No doubt for many, no one has ever asked, not even them.

But not some in many an Indigenous home. My school day ended with my Mother’s query, “What did you learn today?” She did not want to hear of theory and verse. She wanted to know what I had learned about me, my relationship with others, or about who I was in relation to where I stood at that time.

And for that education I am forever thankful.

So today, this is me, rising late after a late night of gb sitting. This is me sipping coffee absolutely uncertain about what I will or won’t do today. I may do a lot. I may do a whole lot of SFA. And both are just fine with me.

What do I know?

Easy – who I am and who I want to one day be. The specifics of that need not be shared here for those details are shared only when needed with those who truly need them. The nuances of this Kwe are not for public consumption or criticism after all, for they are more like precious secrets, shared only with those who will honour and keep them.

(I may not know much about today but I know the truth of that last paragraph made me smile from the soul.)

So my friend, here’s to an amazing day of doing or not doing whatever. Enjoy each breath. Take time to notice that there are actually 60 separate seconds in each precious minute, if only we could stop to count them.


I love you!