Day 51 – My Loves

I am awake, I am alive, and today I am choosing … to celebrate love. Not in a commercial way but in a grateful way, taking a moment to appreciate and love again all of those who have loved me, and all of those I have loved.

And we are all loved. Perhaps not by who we wish or in the way we wish but each of us are loved by someone and today is a perfect day to give thanks for those loving souls.

So today, I give thanks for my children and for the man I loved who helped me create them. I give thanks for my grandchildren and the man who loves my daughter and helped her to create them. Today I give thanks for old friends, new friends, casual friends and inner-circle friends. Today, I give thanks for all those I have loved before for they helped me to become me, helping me to see what I needed and what I didn’t.

In short my friend, if you are in a loving intimate relationship today, well then, today is another chance to celebrate it. But if you are not, do not take this day as a day to be bitter or cold or hateful. Instead love again all you have loved and take a special second to give thanks for the ability to love.

I, for one, simply could not do my life without loving nor would I want to try. So this is me, saying once again, like a thousand times before ….

I love you!


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