Day 50 – A “Life” Day

Hey Guys and Dolls! lol

I AM awake and yes, I AM alive … just having myself a “life” day and gotta admit, it’s kinda fun!

A life day (if you are wondering) is one of those days when LIFE JUST HAPPENS. No warning, no planning and any plans you had go out the window faster than my crazy cat! lol

Welcome to my morning!

First, 5:30 a.m. is a crazy time to get up on a Saturday (unless of course, you have reason to get up that early). Someone please tell my kitten that because it was officially PLAY TIME in Stormy’s world and it took until 6 a.m. to convince him otherwise!

Slept in until 7:30 (yes, that’s sleeping-in in my world). Then notification that groceries were ready for pick-up. But with -30 temps, the vehicle needed warming up first so out I go, in BIG boots and a winter coat I affectionately call my “Marten Falls Coat” (bought for a work trip to that community). All but my legs were toasty warm (which is why I keep that coat).

Then grocery pick-up. Then 5 trips outside to bring them in. Then thighs STINGING from the cold. Then groceries to put away (made fun by throwing bags on floor randomly for excited kitten). And then finally …. computer, coffee and blog post.

So this is me, it’s 9:13 am. I am most definitely awake (thanks to kitten), alive (thanks to bitter cold shocking EVERY CELL awake) and thankful for great coffee and amazing morning.

Enjoy the day my friends, whatever it brings! I’m not even gonna try to guess what happens next in mine! lol

I love you!

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