Comfortable …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am comfortable in the most important way. For this morning, I am comfortable in the mind, heart, body and life of the woman I have become.

But like the clothes of my teen years, that has not always been the case. There were times I tried to fill another’s shoes. There were times I tried to dress like, imitate or even BE someone else. I tried to talk like them, walk like them, behave like them only to fail time and time again.

And then I realized, slowly, painfully at times, that I was amazing at being me and that contrary to the opinion of some others, ME was just fine.

Then I set out to be more than just fine.

Nowadays, I like the wisdom I carry (fits like comfy pajamas). I like the words I share (like passing out pieces of my favourite dessert) and I like the love I give most of all (like the hugs I am so known for).

I still don’t do everything right (although I am pretty sure I never will because than I wouldn’t even be human). But I love that I now no longer consider being anyone else – ever. Not unlike that man or woman who has found their soulmate after so long and now would never consider another. That’s me, with me. It took me so long to love the woman I am but I do.

I truly do.

So this is me, enjoying my morning routine, that will lead me into an amazing day followed by an evening of gratitude and reflection. Gone are the days of my home being filled with rambunctious children and endless housecleaning. Now there is simply peace and time to reflect, time to love … me.

So today my friend, love whomever or whatever is in your world to love. Love your pets and your home. Love your neighbors and friends. Love your colleagues but when you look in the mirror, remember … that person needs love too.

Don’t wait for another to go first. Please, let us not wait, begging and hoping for someone else to demonstrate that we have worth. For we do, right here and right now. All we have to do is start acting like it.

And then, we have to work on surrounding ourselves with those who believe it too (so they can remind us on the days we forget).

And just to help the process along, remember …