Praying …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning all I can think is, “Thank you Creator, I am BACK!”

As the cold that restricted my energy, my productivity, and my very breathing comes to an end, I feel life return to my body in all the familiar ways …

I woke ambitious, anxious and excited to get started on the things that need to be done today. (I so LOVE that feeling!)

I felt energy in my step and clarity in my brain as I rose and came down to start the day.

I can BREATHE in all the wonderfulness that is my home and my brain can process the joy.

Which of course led me to thoughts of those who can’t, those who won’t know a day of healing, those whose illnesses and ailments aren’t going to go away. For these people I pray today …

Creator, please surround them in love, even if they can no longer comprehend it. Please provide them joy whether in present occurrences or in memories residing within their minds. Please provide them with comfort. Please provide them with faith.

And please do same for those who love them.

On this day when I am blessed to have so much, please Creator help me as I pray for those not so fortunate.

Join me my friend? Counting our blessings has two benefits after all. The process provides us with clarity as we come to realize just how blessed we truly are while simultaneously providing us the opportunity to think of, pray for, and help those that truly need a blessing or two.

The journey continues …