Day 48 – Nothing is “All or Nothing”

I am awake, I am alive, and as I contemplate my blog posts of late (some very loving and nurturing, others more advocate or activist in nature), I am reminded that we are not and our topics of conversation are never “all or nothing”.

So today, a gentle loving reminder to take care of yourself, my friend. As you fight for the environment or the youth, as you fight for change or the preservation of something sacred, as you fight to right wrongs and overturn injustices, remember that it is perfectly fine for you to also love cooking a great meal, to love getting lost in some reality TV insanity, to love Netflixing your weekend away or crocheting just because.

Because you my friend, are multifaceted just like any other human, just like any issue, just like any debate, just like any conflict, just like any … anything.

Authenticity is the key – being who you are when you are. So, this is me typing first thing in the morning because you are who I think of first thing in the morning (except on those days when I write the blog post in advance, like a love letter to you that just couldn’t wait until the next morning). This is me savouring coffee and random kitty cuddles in spite of wanting to right the world’s wrongs. And this is me doing all of the above entirely guilt -free.

Because guilt is a tool of the oppressor – guilt, shame, blame – we need none of those. Instead, my friend, today be REVOLUTIONARY by being authentically you (in spite of all of those who tell you otherwise).

Creator knew we needed you which is why he sent you. Please don’t take his gift to us away by being anything but you.

I love you!


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