Ownership of More than Shoes …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning, as my body nudges closer to “recovered” from the cold that has attacked me, my mind is focused on the idea of ownership and how sparingly we embrace the term.

Think about it – we are fine to announce we own the new car, home or even outfit. We show off new shoes, purses, or earrings with ease. But what of our mistakes, our words or our actions?

How quickly do we own those?

It is apparent to me now that ownership comes only after the price has been paid. As the Federal Government shows us time and time again, saying you own your actions without a) changing those actions or b) owning the consequences of your actions and c) paying the price for the results of your actions does nothing.

(Federal apology for Indigenous harm is the equivalent of stealing a dress, bragging about how great it is, accepting compliments for it, then throwing it out just before stealing another from the same store, with little regard for the financial hardship of that store owner dealing with lost revenue potential while he desperately tries to find a lock that keeps the thief out once and for all.)

Ownership, you see, is the price we pay for learning and we don’t graduate without it.

So this is me, owning that relationships have ended as a result of my actions or inactions. This is me owning that I wasn’t always the greatest Mom and this is me owning that I haven’t always made the best business decisions.

But this is me also proudly proclaiming “I have learned!”

So bring it Creator. I am ready for the harvest, for a crop grown from the careful planting of great seeds. I am ready only because I have failed my way to success but here I stand nevertheless. And here I stand … proudly.

Way to go younger Sandi, way to go.
Thanks for the mistakes!

Are you with me my friend? No excuses, no disclaimers. Own the past, own your part in it, own your choices, actions and inactions for that my friend, is how you own your future.

And the future is simply our best yet, when we insist on learning from where we have been and what we have done; when we forgive who we were, seeing her as simply a step on the way to being all we are meant to be.

And I believe with all my heart in all you are meant to be.


I love you my friend!