Day 47 – Don’t Break

I am awake, I am alive, as this morning I heed the hints from Creator because seriously, it’s as if everything about this day says “Slow down a bit”.

First, the waking before the alarm. Knowing the demands of this day and the warmth of my blankets (especially in relation to the -30 weather outside), I was in no hurry to rise. Instead, I enjoyed a rare few moments of half-slumber interrupted only by kitten purrs and licks (he isn’t a fan of slowly waking up).

Upon waking, I did take note of the temperature and not wanting to repeat the call to CAA that yesterday required, I bundled up and braved the cold to start the vehicle. Double bonus – having the car work when my son needs it later today and knowing the fresh air would definitely help me wake up.

Car running (thank you Creator), coffee made, I then settled in to my desk chair to write this post only to be informed that my Mac needed an update – insert 15 minute delay here.

So this is me, later than anticipated but in no way upset by that reality. On cold days like today, things move slower so as not to break. I am okay with moving slower today, okay with taking my time, okay with making sure I don’t break.

Take care of you today my friend. I don’t want you to break either.


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