Taking Good Care …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I realize the theme for this weekend has been “Take Good Care”.

Yesterday, I took good care of me as I rested after my event. Throughout the day, my brain interrupted with “You should do this” or “You should be doing that” to no avail. I rested. I rejuvenated for I realized I not only needed it, I deserved it.

This morning, I will take good care of my business, hitting a few deadlines to keep business wheels turning.

This afternoon, I will take good care of those who come next by enjoying quality time with my grandchildren.

And tonight, I will assist my daughter as she takes good care of her marriage by watching over my grandchildren as they sleep, allowing Mama and Daddy a much-needed and so rare date night.

I smile, for I have come to realize that we take good care of the things and humans that matter to us.

Me? I’m just thrilled I finally made the list.

Take good care my friend.