Day 45 – Make Time for the Love

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am grateful for the reminder to always make time for the love ….

It is amazing how full a spirit can feel after the briefest of encounters with loving souls, those people we cherish, those who make us laugh or think or both, those who always remind us how valued we are. Whether by Skype, by Zoom, via text or email, by phone or in person (when its safe), the method doesn’t matter. The relationship and the love does.

So this is me, offering up a post a little bit later than the norm because a certain little furball needed some extra cuddles this morning. He is a baby. He doesn’t understand clocks or deadlines or priorities or any of that. He just knew he needed some loving and I am thrilled the he reminded me that I do too.

Today my friend, no matter what the agenda demands, do your best to take the time to hug the child, to say I love you to a friend, to chat with an elder who may be feeling incredibly distanced right now. Take time for the love so that is exactly how you and they end up feeling.

Because we all deserve to feel loved.

I love you!


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