They love …


I am awake, I am alive and even after 10 hours of sleep, I am still in awe of yesterday’s event and my related journey.

You see, for years now I have been committed to learning, to providing my audiences with the best of what I had to offer. I am constantly training (daily in fact) to ensure I am on my game, for our communities so rarely receive the standard of service common in other places.

But these last two events – the reactions and comments have left me with another possibility to consider. Perhaps it is no longer just the information I share. Perhaps now it is also me that has an impact, the woman I am, how proud I stand, how resilient, how … Nish.

At yesterday’s event, stories flowed in, ensuring my Mom, my Dad and even my ex-husband joined me. Laughter was plenty as I shared not only wisdom, but my silly side. And it was good, real good.

Because you see, it took so long for me to love the woman I am and now it seems, others do too and it is as wonderful as it is humbling. So the journey continues because this woman is not done yet.

Not as long as there is still a First Nation out there, attacking its own.

Not as long as there is a Kwe out there, doubting her value and strength.

Not as long as there is an Ally out there, confused on how to help.

Not as long as this country continues to hold down, hold back, shame, mistreat and/or abuse the Indigenous citizens with ancestry reaching much further back that the reprehensible John A.

The journey continues – humbly, gratefully as I smile from the soul and whisper the only thought that comes to mind – thank you Creator, thank you.

So there you have it my friend, maybe your family loves you not because you are always there, but because you are YOU. Perhaps your partner loves your cooking, but not as much as he loves YOU. And perhaps your friend would miss your jokes if you were gone, but not as much as they would miss YOU.

It is hard for Kwe to fathom such a reality in a country that has taught us from the very first day that we are not worthy of such a love but my friend … it’s true. For I have come to see it is not what we offer that is loved. Our skills are appreciated, perhaps even needed, but it is us that are loved.

Sit with that for a minute.
Love it … because Gawd knows, I love you!