Day 44 – Love Me, Please

I am awake, I am alive, and one phrase is dancing hauntingly in my mind this morning … love me.

Love me, please.

Love me in spite of this or that. Love me in spite of what I said (or didn’t say) or what I did (or didn’t do).

Just for gawd’s sake, please love me.

How often have we thought it, said it, cried it, whispered it, or prayed it? How long before we realize that the human our spirit is talking to … is us?

Because no one else can fill that hole. No one else can love us enough, long enough, hard enough to make us believe we are loveable … until we see we are, that we always have been. Not in spite of our flaws but because of them because SOMEONE loves that insane laugh of yours … and that could be you. And someone LOVES how you have the ability to kill houseplants AND burn water in a single day … and that someone could be you.

And once that someone is you, you realize what others mean when they say they love you. And more, you can finally believe them! So, EMBRACE those curves (or lack thereof). Embrace that voice that can’t carry a tune but knows the words when a friend is hurting. LOVE that woman who would do anything for that human she loves.

Be one of those humans she loves.

Because you have the ability to love you … in spite of everything and anything. Trust me, I know.

And, I love you too.


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