A Blessed Kwe …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am just feeling so incredibly blessed!

Today, I get to travel to one of our communities, to meet with people I have never met before, to reconnect with those I have, all in an attempt to improve things for the men and women that live there.

I am blessed.

And this morning, the trailer for our new podcast dropped (linked below). My amazing partner is in the midst of a 4-day conference but what does she do in her downtime? Get our trailer up and out there of course!

I am blessed, so blessed.

This day’s work required this early start, leaving me thinking of the men and women of Rocky Bay who do this journey regularly, starting early, driving home at day’s end, all to access services that others take for granted. Yes, my privilege is shining in my face today.

I am blessed.

And this early start required an early hour to retire last night. I chose rest over television, over chatting, over cleaning, over nothing that would help me honour and enjoy this day. I chose rest and by that, I chose happiness. My wisdom is showing.

I am indeed blessed.

So what do you get to do today, my friend? Who do you get to help or inspire? Who do you get to see or speak to? We are so blessed to know so many, to be able to touch so many whether online or in person. Now I see why Mom always encouraged us to count our blessings.

Of course, first we had to learn to see them.

Food for thought.


I love you my dear friend!

To listen to the trailer, click on the image below …