Day 43 – Covid Networking

I am awake, I am alive, and yes, I do love my life thank you very much!

This morning a late blog post, not because I slept in (although that would be okay), not because I was being lazy (although again, that would be okay too) but rather because I had a Coffee Chat to attend!

Thanks to an AH-MAZING network of kind and professional women I belong to, I now have the opportunity and joy to attend many virtual events. We share about out lives, our challenges and our successes and we do it with or without makeup, dressed up or dressed down (yes pj’s are perfectly acceptable).

In this time of social distancing, these get-togethers are of INCREDIBLE value for my spirit and if you can, in any way, attend such a gathering with your network, I highly highly suggest it.

It does a body good to laugh and laughing with friends is always awesome!

So this is me, off to enjoy the rest of this amazing day!

Enjoy my beautiful friend!

I love you!


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