Day 42 – What Day is It?

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am thinking about Fridays and weekends.

As an entrepreneur, I have long said that Mondays lose their “string” (because you love what you are doing and chances are you were doing it on the weekend and not waiting until Monday). Having said that, Fridays lose that spark as well. Entrepreneurs, after all, are not waiting to “break free” from jobs they hate like most of the Friday crowd is.

But with time and after a lot of energy put out there, I am adjusting that thought bringing me to my question today, when is YOUR weekend?

For someone I love, the weekend is Sunday/Monday to match the days hubby is home from work. For me, the weekend has long started at noon Friday and run to bedtime Saturday (1.5 days). Sunday I enjoy getting ready for the week and taking small things off my To Do List to guarantee the week’s success but Friday … yeah, it has to be REALLY exciting to get me to work past noon.

And truth be told, today it would have to be REALLY exciting to get me to work past 10 a.m. today and that is simply because I worked A LOT this week.
So this is me, taking some time off. This is me looking forward to some self-care time, to not working … until Sunday when I will again attack my workload with rejuvenated vigor!

So here’s to taking time to just be! Here’s to resting and enjoying downtime. Here’s to not being busy ALL the time. Here’s to Fridays.

I love you!


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