Day 39 – Loving ME!

I am awake, I am alive and this morning … I am LOVING this life, this woman, and this day.

Okay so no surprise I love my life but the EXTENT to which I love it has increased exponentially in the last week or so thanks to the AH-MAZING personal coach I signed up to work with. Thanks to her, I now embrace each day as not only another opportunity to be ME in all my glory but as another chance to create space for Indigenous perspective, for healing and growth, for dumb questions and difficult conversations, space for men and women to come together in support of each other.

Kinda hard NOT to get excited about that!

But loving me is a new element, or at least loving my body. You see this week, I have consistently got in my 6 km per day and not because I have to or because I should but rather because I LOVE MY BODY! I love all its done for me. I love its curves, its tattoos and the memories its scars hold. I love how it never lets me down and how it reminds me to rest, to eat, to LIVE. Exercising out of LOVE isn’t a chore, its a joy and I highly recommend TRULY embracing the amazing human you are!

And finally, as I head into my BUSIEST month in over a year, I am so thankful for this day. Today is a paperwork day, a prep day, a “plan for success” day and since I LOVE the feeling of success, today is going to be a very good day indeed.

Mac is busy doing updates. Had to pull out my new IPad to do this update. Yes, that is how amazing my world is and I am wise enough to realize.

Here’s to this day my friend – a day filled with love for you from me and I pray, from you as well.

I love you!


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