Channeling Wilson …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I woke with thoughts of “What’s next?”

To explain (and I am showing my age here), there use to be this television program called “Home Improvement”. In it, the focus family had a neighbor (Wilson) who they spoke to often over the fence between their homes. “Hiddy Ho Neighbor” was his greeting but through the entire run of the show, we never saw more than his eyes, peeping over the fence.

The image I woke to this morning was of me/us in Wilson mode but instead of looking over a fence at our neighbors, we are looking to see … our future.

Some will look to the future and see a wondrous sight. Maybe they see happiness, love, financial security (or even wealth). Perhaps they see improved health. The possibilities are endless. But the question is … what do you do when that is what you see?

I pray it is MORE OF THE SAME of whatever you are doing, for OBVIOUSLY you are planting the seeds for an amazing future! I would be tempted to do it faster, to work harder, so the future arrives sooner but that’s just me. What would you do if that is what you saw?

Others will peer over the fence and see despair, hardship, loss, perhaps even death. They will see darkness and sadness but the question remains the same, what would you do if this future is what you see?

I PRAY you would change your course! That you would realize you are building that future right freakin now! I pray you would change what you are doing, where you are doing it, how you are doing it, the person you are doing it with or ALL of the above. I believe in my gut that you know what has to change but will you indeed change it?

(I pray your answer wasn’t to give up, to blame God, Creator or a Higher Power for this future. The future is of YOUR making my friend. Please make it good.)

And then, there are those that will see … more of same. No great fanfare. No great catastrophe. What of them? What would you do if this is what you see?

The answer my friend, in every case, is up to you. If more of the same is what you desire, then continue doing what you are doing. But if you want more or less of whatever, if you want different, DO different now.

We are building the future today, not just for us but for those who come next as well. Every action, every word is a seed and it will blossom so plant carefully.

And while you are planting, join me in praying and working to protect the water, the air, the trees, the sacred untouched places (not undeveloped, as some would have us think) of Mother Earth. We have to do it today because her future will result from our actions as well.

Food for thought my friend.

Dare to look. Dare to see.
Then prepare.


I love you my friend.