Day 38 – It Happens …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning all I keep thinking is … it happens.

For some of us, it starts when we are really small. For others, it starts later. But either way, we don’t really notice or if we did, we don’t remember that moment it first happened because it happens so many more times after that.

So many times we are told to be … less.

Maybe you were told you talk too much or too loud or too fast or too softly.

Maybe you were told you were too quiet, too active, too picky or too sensitive.

Whatever it was, you were too much of it and it was strongly suggested you change.

And yet we collectively wonder why people struggle with confidence and low self esteem

We grow over time but the box doesn’t. The suggestions continue – be less, be smaller, quieter, listen more, talk less. Learn. Listen. Don’t share.
Then we ask high school students to do public speaking and again, we collectively wonder why so many doubt themselves and their ability to stand up and share an opinion loud enough for the people in the back to hear.

And the saddest part of all – the fact that your power, your confidence, your self-esteem are all rooted not in becoming who they describe or demand, but in being YOU. Your power is rooted in you being as loud, as quiet, as vocal, as passionate, as somber, as serene, as confused as you are. Because that’s the only way to be authentic and authenticity in a Kardashian world is so damn rare.

So be blonde or not. Be tall or not. Be loud or not. Be passionate or not. Just be you because that’s who Creator sent to us – you. And we need you even when we don’t realize we do.

So, eff their suggestions.
Just be you.

I love you!


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