Offspring Once Removed …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling from deep inside my soul for once again today, I dance with the future …

Such a blessing to be able to hang with the generation once removed from me, to see how seeds planted with their Mother have blossomed while mistakes have somehow died away, starved for sun in the world of these two special little humans.

When my grandchildren are here, I often find myself just listening. I may be cooking lunch or pretending to be on my laptop but I am listening as they play and their conversations so warm my heart.

For example, I cannot even put into words the joy I feel when one spontaneously blurts out “I love you!” to the other. To hear the elder encouraging the skills of the younger, reassuring her that he DOES believe in her, that he KNOWS she can do it, fills me with a joy I didn’t know existed.

And when they turn to me to utter “I love you Gramma” I know that I did so many things wrong but I did somethings right too and their Mom took those good things and RAN with them.

Now I know why they say Grandchildren are the greatest gift. We are not meant to raise them (although many do). We are not meant to stress over how they sleep and if they eat (although many have to). We were meant to simply enjoy the offspring of our offspring, a never-ending reassurance that this world is going to be just fine.

So this is me, sipping my coffee and waiting for my gbs to arrive in a few hours. Thank you Creator for never ever allowing me to give up because I wouldn’t want to miss THIS for anything.

If you are so blessed, love a grandchild today my friend, across the miles or up close and personal. And if you aren’t, then just know the world will continue after us. All we have to do is the best we can. Trust they will build on what we start so let’s start something good.