Enjoying the Sound of “Team”

I can do so much more “together” than “alone”.

The realization makes me smile as I continue to unpack what no longer serves.

Yes, there were times when I needed others, in a desperate, unhealthy way. Then came the times when I declared to Creator and all who would hear, “I don’t need anyone!”

How silly I must have looked then, for the reality is no one travels alone. We depend on others every day from the builders of our homes to the creators of our fav social media platforms. But it would take healing to clear my vision.

Now there is little I do alone as I juggle in a new, fun way! I focus on one, while my assistant focuses on another, while my graphic designer completes a third, while my videographer adjusts a fourth. Not physically together but connected so at day’s end, we all enjoy the collective satisfaction of jobS well done.

So yes, this morning I smile at all the wonderful souls I need in my world. Not out of desperation, but out of appreciation because without them, my world would be so incredibly lonely.

And that is just not the way Creator designed our world to be.

No man is an island and community is just what this Kwe needs, whether virtual, physical, or both. Because adaptation is what we do too.

The journey continues!

I love you!