Endurance Contests

Today, let’s talk endurance contests …

Every life has them, those periods in time that require us to get through, often focused solely on easier days to come – the first days, weeks, or even months with a newborn, exam week, a semester at college or university, grieving and for those in industries that support non-profits (not to mention the non-profits themselves), the biggest one of all – March.

With fiscal yearend for many being March 31st, the month of March is a flurry of activity. Budgets must be depleted lest they be reduced for the coming year.

The goal – quality spending in a timely manner.

But now it is done. We did it! Speeches given, workshops held, events emceed. As a result, today is a day of rest for me, my own long weekend. Today, I give thanks for all I had the chance to work with as I pray they get to rest too.

And as I give thanks, I enjoy that my life is no longer an endurance contest, that my relationship is no longer an endurance contest, that my friendships aren’t either and that wasn’t always the case.

Yes, today I rest and give thanks. After all, the next chapter is about to begin.

I love you!