Decisions, Decisions …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking of you … and solitaire.

This life … one big solitaire game with the outcome dependent on our decisions. We do not choose the cards dealt to us or in what order – jack, queen, two – but we do decide whether to keep them, play them, or discard them.

And in fact we must, for doing nothing isn’t an option either, not if we want to “win”.

So each day, we make decisions (because choosing to not make one is a decision as well). We pick up cards – conversations, friends, teachings, skills. We play cards – bid for the job, apply for university, ask that person out. And we discard what we don’t need – unhealthy habits, friends (that we did or didn’t need), jobs.

The decisions are ours. Even when we don’t like the cards we are dealt, we decide what to do with them, consciously or unconsciously.

So today my friend, BE ALIVE. Be AWAKE to every possibility. Be ALIVE while making your decisions. Play the best hand you can. Grab every face card and ace that passes your way and always, always give thanks … for the opportunity to play.

The journey continues …

I love you!