Day 6 … The Last Few Hours

I am awake, I am alive and there are less than 15 hours left in this year before it is all done. But, like every year before it, 2020 taught us many things …

2020 taught us just how few things are truly “permanent”
2020 taught us what and who we can truly bet on
2020 for many, taught us what really matters and
2020 taught us (or reminded us) of just how resiliant we are.

And I, like many others, will never forget it. Largely because, like any other year, 2020 is the last year I had the chance to joke with so many now gone on.

The quote was “We stay apart now so when we gather again, no one will be missing” but 2020 reminded me that every year begins with the knowledge (acknowledged or not) that some are indeed missing.

So on this final day, I am saying a prayer for all of those who experienced their final day this year and for all of those now grieving, remembering, and missing those they can no longer message or call or text or hold.

It was a tough year, a hard year in many ways, but like so many other challenges, we made it through this one. We are still here.

So enjoy these last hours my friend. Enjoy them like you will never see them again …


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