Day 4 … My World Awakens!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I cannot help but smile as my world awakens from its Christmas sleep.

Yes, this morning I woke to emails and texts and messages requesting quotes and meetings and advice and work. Some with deadlines some not but all brought the same joy – my world awaits my return too!

So this is me, hitting the keyboard then the emails then the messages as I smile at all 2021 will be (for I am just now beginning to glimpse its awesomeness!). I do not know specifics but I know intent – 2021 is another year of my life – a year to be savoured, a year in which to learn, a year in which to improve and grow, a year in which to love and be loved, a year to cherish. So this is me, smiling like you do at the first glimpse of a new babe. 2021 is coming and all signs point to an amazing year in my world!

And I pray you can say same.

Count your blessings my friend and if that is difficult to do – count them twice (so that next time it isn’t).



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