Day 3 … A Resolution

I am awake, I am alive and as New Year’s looms in the not-so-distant future, I cannot help but wonder how many of my friends and followers are considering making a new year’s resolution or two or ten.

I, for one, do not make it a habit but this morning, while making my morning coffee, I came up with one thing I vow to NOT do in 2021 and I do believe it may qualify …

No more name-calling.

There, I said it. And truth be told, most, if not all, of us have done it, especially over the last year. We had a choice name or two for a local mayor, the prime minister, an outgoing President and on and on. Don’t get me wrong! I intend to continue voicing opinion, to sharing disagreement or support of a given notion or action, but I can do it without name-calling. I mean, names like labels so rarely add to solution or resolution. Rather they simply degrade at worst or categorize at best and categories themselves are a problem so this woman … vows to stop.

I am 56 and intelligent after all.

So be warned, this little resolution governs not only my text but texts that will be allowed to remain on my various social media threads. Feel free to disagree with the notion of the day. The challenge will be to do it without disgressing down to schoolyard antics such as name-calling.

Why? Because we are better than that. The journey continues.



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