Time to Repack!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I enjoy the calm before the excitement!

Yes, with presents wrapped, cards signed, and food purchased, the preparation for Christmas is now complete. Today, therefore, is more of the “normal” variety. Like the repacking of the suitcase at the end of a trip, this day is one of a few that will transpire before 2020 becomes a memory. This is the the deciding – the “What will we take home?” and “What will we leave behind?” stage of the year and in my mind, that makes this time the most empowering.

Me? I am leaving behind the fear (I don’t need to carry that for any reason). I am leaving behind the self-doubt and uncertainty too but I am taking with me my rediscovered resiliency. I am taking with me my work, in its new pivoted form that I LOVE! I am taking with me the hope that got me through and the relationships that can withstand even a global pandemic. And of course, I am taking with me all the love I have received from every direction, including from you, my dear friend.

So I am curious, what will you take from 2020? Make it positive. Take the lessons, leave the rest so that you will walk into 2021 with skills and new hope rather than just more baggage.

It is, after all, a choice.



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