Meeyah = Enough

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as my body and spirit whispers “Meeyah”.

Meeyah – enough. Enough working. Enough early mornings. Enough for this year. Enough. My mind is slowly turning you see, turning away from seminars and speeches towards home and reading and comfy chairs and movies. In other words, towards not working.

As a result, yesterday the decision was made – December 18th is the final day of work for 2020 for You will still see a weekly video and you will see daily blog posts albeit at a later hour. What you won’t see (and really, you never do) is all the work behind the scenes, all the hours I put it at this desk because now, it is time to rest.

I pray you have the same opportunity my friend. I know some industries do not slow at the holidays. I do not envy you that (kinda like how I feel about shiftwork. Works for some but so not for me). But if you do have the time, I pray you truly take the time.

Me? I have some Xmas movies to watch and perhaps some goodies to eat while I do is a whole lot of nothing and I can’t wait.

My body and spirit need it.

Be well today my friend. Be happy and be safe!



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