Favourite Moments …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am full-on appreciating favourite moments …

You see, it’s Sunday and on Sundays “TED Recommends” sends out a TedTalk for me to watch based on my topics of interest. These videos always prove to be thought-proking. They often make me laugh. They always help me grow. They are a favourite moment in my every week which brings me to this post.

I know for some, my morning blog posts are a favourite part of their day and that makes me smile from the soul. There is truly nothing more soul-enriching (in my mind) then being a favourite memory or moment or person to someone and I would like to believe we all are.

So today, let us take a second to celebrate those who love us so. Let us celebrate the grandchild that adores the grandma or grandpa, the clerk who loves his favourite customer, the neighbor who enjoys your garden each summer who cannot resist commenting. On and on the list grows with each year but it is so often forgetten, overshadowed by the list of those who have wronged us.

In my world, those who have wronged me got enough of my time. My focus and time is better spent on those who add to this world, those who, like me, have favourites.

Thank you for being one of my mine.



#ibelieveinyou #ibelieveinme #celebrateandsurvive #repairingfeathers