I Don’t Fit!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am just SO dang thankful for all the times I didn’t fit!

After all, all those jobs that just didn’t work for me, helped me to define my values, my ethics and my needs. All those friendships that didn’t survive helped me to figure out who I am and who I want to walk with. And all those intimate partner relationships that didn’t work, each one of them assisted me to finetune the woman I am (when I was wise enough to learn and not just blame them, that is).

Each “failed attempt” chipped away at the rock that I was, slowly sculpting the woman I am. I still have bumps I shouldn’t have, rough edges that need polishing, and areas that need touching up but I am so much closer to who I once was – the empowered child that could and would do it all. The child I was before the world encased me in judgements, condemnations, restrictions, and ridicule.

So today my friend, do not wish that relationship had worked out. Instead, realize it did exactly what it was meant to. Like a bright light shining, it highlights for you the area of you that needs polishing. (And honey, we ALL need polishing!)

No ego trips. No “This is just the way I am!”. It is time my friend, time to bring down the defensive walls. It is time to begin chipping away the hurt, the pain, the limitations, the upset. That relationship or job or partnership is over now. All that is left is the lesson. Pick that up, please. You need it.

The journey continues but this puzzle piece is so incredibly thankful for all the puzzles I was simply not meant to fit in. #perfect



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