Bright Lights …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I knew I would write about them before I even sat up in bed – “them” being those I refer to as “bright lights”.

Ebony was the first. We met at a small workshop I facilitated for a local agency. She sat in the front and her light was SO bright it proved to be distracting. At one point, I even interrupted what I was saying to tell her so! I shared how I didn’t know who she was or what she would do but her light was SO BRIGHT, like a ball of pure love, that it had to be acknowledged. She smiled and shone brighter.

Sharon was next. A larger event now for the agency she has dedicated her time and heart too. Sharon oozed comfort and love, the eternal mother or Grandmother spirit. I have shared this with her and others many times and that spirit has not changed, no matter how many times our paths cross.

And then, there was Stephanie – a powerhouse in the body of a teenager. So articulate, so informed, so passionate to right wrongs and be a force of positive change. As she answered questions as part of the youth seminar I was running, I could think of nothing else except “She is going to change the world!”

We lost Stephanie a few nights ago, just shy of her 25th birthday. Life had been especially hard for her over the last 3 weeks (although I am not sure it was ever easy) and now, the light is gone. But a part of me hopes she will still change the world or at least the world of those who knew her … like me.

So today this is me, forever thankful for the lights that have guided me for I carry their examples with me everyday, just as I will the memory of Stephanie.


I love you my friend. Be well.


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