Them and Me …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I smile as the cycle of life continues …

To explain, in the beginning, it was all about me. What I wanted to do (or not do). What I wanted to achieve (or not achieve). Where I wanted to go (or not go). Like every other cocky teen out there, I was the one that was important or so I kept screaming to anyone who would listen.

Then came marriage and kids and a shift. Suddenly, THEY were everything and I was nothing. I blame no one for that. I drove that boat. But with maturity came the need for balance and surprising I found that balance could best be found in doing BOTH not one or the other.

Nowadays, I hit my targets and achieve my goals when my participants reach theirs. I teach advocates how to use their voices. I teach women how to move past intimate partner violence. I teach participants how to build confidence, self-esteem and wisdom. I teach entrepreneurs how to succeed and cultures how to get along and each time an individual or group succeeds – so do I and it is good, real good.

The journey and my balance continue. Perhaps today, it is you I can help succeed.



#ibelieveinyou #ibelieveinme #celebrateandsurvive #repairingfeathers