Balancing on the Ball …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning my thoughts dance with the need for balance, how on any given day we are all balancing on this ball of a world.

At anytime (for most of us), there is a balancing act going on – we balance our needs with the needs of others, we balance needs with wants, we balance speaking our mind with holding space for others to share theirs and on and on it goes.

And most days, I kinda suck at it (to be honest).

For one, my work is my joy and my passion which means … the home I live in rarely gets the TLC it needs. In fact, how busy I am directly correlates to the state of my kitchen on any given day. It is what it is. I don’t hang with those who judge people by the number of dirty dishes on their counters.

Another one for me is the balance between accomplishing things like physical activity for my health without upsetting my neck injury that can react quite negatively to excessive weight being picked up or pushed. Cleaning often means organizing and rearranging however, and rarely is that done without doing “too much” for my neck.

So this is me this morning, enjoying the cleanliness of my home while I nurse an inflamed neck. It isn’t horrible (there is that) but there is more pain than tolerable so again, the dance continues.

Thankfully, today I have things to do that do NOT involve lifting. Today, I have people to see that will involve few words from me (I enjoy that considering my career). Today will be what I make of it and as always, my only goal is to stay on the ball.

The journey continues …

How good are YOU at balancing my friend? What are the two sides that tug at you and how good are you at remembering to tend to both? I would love to hear.



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