A Whole Lotta Nada …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am simply thankful …

I am thankful for a workweek filled to capacity with people and amazing information and compassion, a week that demanded attention, energy, and. commitment from me and I did it! I did it!

And I am thankful for the evening just past. After such a week, I had but one wish – to do whatever my soul desired, in celebration of the achievment. So I asked and then I waited. I refused to fill the silence with To Do Lists or shoulds. And eventually, my soul answered.


So this is me after an EPIC Netflix binge that took me into the wee morning hours. This is me with takeout boxes to discard and a home to clean. This is me with stuff to do today because last night I did absolutely freakin nothing! And it was good, real good.

Whatever you are up to today my friend, whether its a ton of stuff or a whole lotta nothing, enjoy it. We live the day but once. Don’t wasted it hating or complaining. Just be thankful for the kids that need attention, the holidays that need planning, the treadmill that needs a workout. Be thankful that you have things and people who need things and people.



#ibelieveinyou #ibelieveinme #celebrateandsurvive #repairingfeathers