Passing On …

I am awake, I am alive, as I turn my attention to the end of yet another amazing journey.

Today, the final day of the Oshki-Wenjack On-Call Worker Training Program, four days of information and sharing as Oshki worked to empower those who will in turn keep those they care for safe. A beautiful circle and that, my friend, is how it should be.

But we must be careful and ever conscious, for some circles must be broken. So this is me, attempting to live the best of what my parent’s gifted me (this life, their teachings, their examples) while leaving behind the things that I do not wish to carry (my Mother’s fear, my Mother’s insecurities, my Mother’s oppression).

Gawd knows I did pass on things my offspring will have to discard but as always, I did and try to do my best, while ensuring that my best gets better every single day.

And you my friend, I pray you too are passing on only the best of those that came before you. By discarding what must not continue, we strengthen our bloodlines, leaving them forever stronger simply because we existed.

And that my friend is why we are here.



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