Exhausted …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I bathe in gratitude for all that is swirling around in my world … I acknowledge my exhaustion.

This morning, yet another class for the college, another chance to hang with an amazing group of future leaders. Only a few classes until it is done, the bittersweetness almost chokes but again, I acknowledge my exhaustion.

Tomorrow, the final day of a four-day Zoom session with yet another amazing group of participants. We laugh, we learn but the days are long. I am exhausted.

This year, this insane crazy year saw me home, filling time for many months. But, as December marches on, I acknowledge that the exhaustion I feel is as heavy as it was last year. Not sure why but it is.

So this week, my final seminars. Next week, final paperwork and then the work of 2020 will be done. Two weeks of rest and rejuvenation. Two weeks of reflection and appreciation. Two weeks of music and gratitude. I deserve two weeks.

And so do you my friend, so I pray as this year comes to an end, you too can see some sort of “break”, some sort of rest, some sort of rejuvenation for you too have survived a crazy year.

And I cannot be the only one exhausted.



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