Cultural Appropriation – Part III

Oh, I so love it when I get responses to my posts and videos because then I get a glimpse of where the writer’s thought process is going, and I can add to it or clarify something before the train gets off the track …

Case in point – in response to yesterday’s post, a friend responded with “Oh, I only tell indigenous people about the eagle feather I was gifted”.

No, just no. And here’s why …

Why are you telling them? More often than not, telling an indigenous person that you don’t know well that another gifted you an eagle feather is an attempt at saying, “See I get you. I was already accepted. You should accept me too.”

But the fact that some indigenous person I don’t even know trusted you or befriended you doesn’t mean I should or even that I will. The person who gifted you the feather doesn’t vette my friends for me. To think they do is the same as saying, “Someone hired me once, you should too” or “Someone dated me once, you should too.”

No, just no.

Honour the gifting. Keep the existence of the item to yourself. It is not a “get into indigenous lives” free card.

Getting into our lives takes effort, like it does getting into the life of any new human you meet.

The journey continues …

I love you!