Can You Hear Me?

The teaching remains the same, no matter who is talking or listening.

Imagine standing back-to-back with the other party. Look around the room. You can see so much but there is a part of the room you can not see, the part directly in front of the other. They could say same.

But if they tell you of what they see, if they describe the threat, the opportunity, the environment obvious to them, would you believe them or would you insist on questioning, unable to believe what you yourself cannot see?

If you have been raised to believe only what you can understand (as so many have), the acceptance of what you cannot yourself see is often hard to achieve. But achieve it we must because how can we “have your back” if you do not believe what we see coming?

Today, I have the honour and privilege of being part of a gathering, a meeting of indigenous and non, an event created to discuss anti-indigenous and systemic racism. Today, participants will share. I simply pray they will also be able to hear.

This journey continues with a warning – if you consistently think the other is exaggerating, over-reacting or out-and-out lying, there is no bridge to be built, yet. You must unpack your mistrust before attempting to listen, for I believe there is definitely some baggage there, baggage that is blocking your ability to hear.

But then, did you just hear me?

I love you!