But WHY Every Day?!

I am giggling as I write this entry – giggling because I LOVE the enthusiasm of the comments I get from some. I’m also giggling because it is a coping mechanism. Giggling doesn’t ruin the makeup the way crying does.

Today, I am referring to the fact that I send my list a message (either blog post or video) every single day. Some would prefer a weekly message. It would fit their schedules so much better. It would make the words and thoughts I send … convenient.

“If it is convenient, it isn’t reconciliation.” – Pam Palmater

Truth be told, having a day when you don’t think of the challenges of the indigenous experience in Canada is a perfect example of privilege. You (if you are an ally reading this) don’t HAVE to think about this. Racism, discrimination, colonization, marginalization will have little to no effect on your life or the lives or your children or grandchildren.

But we, the indigenous, have no such privilege. We think about it every day as do our black brothers and sisters. Will our children encounter a cop today? Will he/she be safe in a store or on a city street? Will someone help them if they are in trouble? And on and on it goes …

So, you see, asking you to walk with me each day is simply what it is like to truly walk with indigenous. It is not a “once a week” or “when you have the time” kinda journey. It is an ongoing, never-ending (for the foreseeable future) battle and since you are reading this, I am assuming you are right there beside me.

And I so appreciate that.

I think I may copy/paste this post, using it as the response the next time someone asks me, “But why every day?”

After all, I imagine many indigenous ask that question too – why do I have to deal with this every single day?

The journey continues …

I love you!