But What Have We Learned?

In the residential schools, innocent children had no protection. The adults told them they were worthless, a burden, that they would never amount to anything. And over time, so many began to believe the horrid words.

As a nation, whether newcomer or long-time resident, whether Indigenous or non, we condemn the treatment of the children but today I wonder … have we learned?

When someone ignorant to facts (as our school systems designed them to be) doesn’t understand a protest, the fight against a pipeline or the creation of a dam, do the “woke” call them stupid, telling them they will never understand, that they will always be a burden to this country, or do they attempt to educate the ignorant on what they clearly do not get?

And those who do not understand, who have not done the work or perhaps, had the opportunity to understand all that makes up Canadian history, do you ostracize the “woke” for making them uncomfortable, classifying them as “trouble-maker” as opposed to educator? Do they call the woke stupid, ignorant, a burden, people who will guarantee our country will never amount to anything?

In short, do we continue to hate, to judge, to condemn or have we finally learned that condemnation, insults, and ridicule lead to nothing good?

The children are watching and learning just as they did before. I pray we are finally setting a better example for them to replicate in their adult years.

The journey continues …

I love you!