Balance is Key!

Balance … our elders speak of it all the time, the need to maintain the balance. And whether it is work/life or taking only what you need and leaving the rest for others, that balance is key to moving forward in a healthy way.

Yet, so much of what is happening these days is not healthy. But some is … and seeing that, well, there is the balance we need once again.

So, to those doing this work, don’t get lost on either side. It is not all roses and sunshine for taking that stance disregards the pain of those stuck up to their necks in the unhealthy. And it’s not all bad either, progress is being made, even if it is often at a much slower pace that we would like.

For those making progress, don’t brag – lead. Teach. Inform. And keep going, because one or two great initiatives mean nothing if indigenous are still being marginalized.

And to those struggling, get help, get guidance, get support whether you be individual or municipality. Lean on another for a time if need be, just make sure they are of the healthy variety. Leaning on another equally lost only extends the darkness.

Today, the journey continues, and I know I will see great work being done today and yet, I will also see challenges that break my heart. That is the reality for now, and that’s okay as long as we all do what we can to improve.

And we can do a lot. Here’s hoping these daily posts help you to realize that.

The journey continues …

I love you!