Baby Stage Changes

And so, my first week back comes to an end in the most epic way – facilitating a full day virtual seminar for one of the First Nations communities. AWESOME!

And it has been a week! A week of change, a week of growth, a week of improvement, a week of me upping my game as I encourage others to do same and THAT just feels right to me.

So today, as we continue on this journey together, let us remember the baby stage of our lives, when everything was worth exploring, when we wanted to touch and see and experience all that we could, when we believed everything was exciting and new (and sometimes, even scary) but we dared to explore anyways.

Reconciliation is in its infancy, its baby stage, so let’s explore possibilities even on the days and during the times when change feels … just a little bit scary.

Together, I do believe we got this!

Enjoy your day my friend!

I love you!