I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I recognize my amazing journey…

At first, I longed to take up space … or so I thought. Longing to be seen and heard, longing to exist as a Kwe in a land that had long strived for my eradication.

But somehow taking up space when another could possibly need it felt so wrong at a deep cellular level. The result – me standing in the way of my own success, forever fearful of taking up … too … much … space.

Until another pointed out I do not take up space, that in fact … my work and all that I do creates space for those who come next, those who I converse with, those who wish to walk with me.

Then, in quick succession, the revelation that I do not only create space, I create SAFE space for women and men, girls and boys, gay and straight, black and white and red and newcomer and Canadian and and and …

And then the final puzzle piece, the realization that to create safe space for others first requires I create safe space for me – to think, to speak, to write, to be.

Often that means I must be alone in that space and that is more than fine. Most of us are, after all, when we create, and if that means I am often too busy to chat about the weather or whatever this week’s new shiny thing is, so be it.

I am busy creating safe space after all and that takes concentration.

So come on in my friend, if you so choose. Come in and enjoy the results of my life’s work. Just know, without a doubt, here you are safe.

I love you!